Dog Kennels & Pens

Dog Kennels & Pens, Heavy Duty & Maintenance Free

Kingspan PVC Coated, Steel Insulated Dog Kennels, Various colours, All Sizes available, heavy duty, Anti-Chew, galvanised locks & hinges, Maintenance Free

Prices range from; €210 (small), €250 (medium), €330 (large)

** Excl. Delivery (Nationwide)

Keep your Dog Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter

Dog Pens

Dog Pens/Dog Runs, hot dip galvanised, heavy duty, Anti-chew, lockable gates, wide range of standard panels in stock 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft or custom panels made to order, puppy pens also available. Can also be used as Chicken Coup.

Pet Accessories

Including dog food, dog bowls & bowl holders (clip onto dog pen), dog benches, Cosy Air Bed (plastic dog bed)

Boarding Kennels








We now also offer boarding units that can be purchased.